Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Remember Tenshi from the old comic? She appeared at about the same time Ayaku did. I was kinda trying to hint here that only a Jesus kinda person could successfully rescue souls from Hell because of the immortality requirement, so Robin recognized that an angel really isn't good enough. Especially in this setting where, yeah, all the magic things are fairies of one kind or another.

And speaking of fairy magic, apparently a summon is able to bypass a firewall, so clearly it's not moving through normal... er... interspatial space? Because this is a separate realm. Look, don't think about it that hard. Robin's magic is just like that. Always has been, right?

Succubi having little flames floating above their heads is a reference to a character from this RPG idea of mine which didn't have a name (the game, I mean, not the character) until about the time I was making this episode. Obviously this part got me thinking about it again, or maybe the other way around.

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