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It's telling that I love Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey so much that I didn't even flinch when not once but twice wholesale-copying its "personal Hell" sequence. It's just so absolutely perfect, just like "playing games with Death for your soul" is so perfect that they themselves gleefully took it from The Seventh Seal. This is how writing works.

Of course, I didn't do anything really new and creative with it. I just thought of what each character would absolutely hate. A bit deeper than in the old comic where it was kinda just "ohno, stuck without the things I like!" so there's that at least. Plus check out that "no dignity" poster. I gotta get points for that.

And speaking of earning, yeahh I'm with Robin here. It's true that easily-gained things feel worthless, but if you worked hard to the point of pain for something, I mean... that's pain. I remember trying rutabagas around the time I wrote this. Oh notice that Hell is staffed by oni. Pretty sure I established that before, even if I didn't need to. Everyone knows that. But keeping the tiger skin patterns consistent is single-butt at best.

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