Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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No April Fools gag this year, but a comic fell on the date anyway. And once again I was trying to crank these out, because anytime the cast is separated, I don't want to suddenly find myself having not drawn someone in weeks. In a way, the Twilight Zoney kinda scenario is a LITTLE holiday-appropriate, yeah? Squint your brain a little?

Hey look, I did add a blue filter on Kimchi here, and a bit of rimlighting. Adventure Time model sheets' teachings were starting to sink in. Shame we stopped getting those. I also looked up what Venus's atmosphere would look like from the surface, and speculative ideas of what a far-future Earth would have in the sky, etc.

It works for Kimchi's greatest fears about outliving his friends and having nobody to relate to but plants (which, as we established, he's not into as a sole interest, which is why he didn't relate to the vily he met).

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