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I'm not sure why having a middle initial helps a lot with "randomly real-life-person-name pun names" like Fidel R. Crabstro, but it does. The Higgs Bison was apparently popular enough that it got immortalized in an amazing multi-page fanart comic done by Earthfield. I love when that happens.

See I was just talking about that Barbarian Days arc, and here's this guy Fire who was from back then! I guess he's died and didn't go to Valhalla. I need to do crap like this more often, where he's a visual reference to another character (Dinobot in this case) but not a copy (because he's some kind of dragonman rather than a giant robot). Now see Fire has an escuse for joining a theme-name team because if your name is just Fire, that's a little boring. Brimstone is totally carrying him.

Take a close look at that ichor. That's going to become important in just a bit. Also check out that spin claw kick recycled from Sasha's earliest N appearance! Drew it better this time so not a total recycle. Actually, when we say "recycled" we often mean reused, but recycling actually DOES mean turning something into something else doesn't it?

Man, Hell's Belle has a lot of attacks. Also that Smash Bros gag got kind of worse and kind of way better when the answer to its title became "eh we're not going to title this one" which was sadly also the attitude taken towards the story mode.

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