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Having Riven's poncho burn up because she just hugged a lava guy is not overly contrived, but having her suddenly be in visibly better shape since the bath scene before they entered Hell? That's some Charles Atlas shit there. I'm a little ambivalent about whether she has a navel. I kind of doubt it. If she gestated inside a species that doesn't have them, then probably not. But still, a little indentation there shows tummy definition.

It's unfortunate, however, that I still hadn't come close to mastering dynamic battle scenes. I knew it at the time. They're just standing around. Now see, that ichor on the ground.. that establishes that dead people in Hell don't have blood anymore! Not that that makes any real sense... But it came full circle with the "do you belong here" guard guy, so it was worth it.

Now these little after-the-end bits are rare but I got more comfortable with them, and that resulted in the flow of omake dribbling to a near halt. Sometimes the pacing simply demands it.

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