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Ultimately, the demon hair forms a pauldron most of the time Sasha's not using it. I think that look really works (I just like pauldrons) and I ended up getting way more Sasha fanart after this, so at least someone liked it. You can also see how the backgrounds were less overly saturated here, instead of forcing everyplace to be solid dark red. Not that I didn't still use that later...

I don't know if anyone ever looks at the family tree and was like, mentally filling in the blank spots, but a big one definitely gets filled here. I established for no particularly good reason that Ryou is Chasi's half-brother, and she in turn is Ryuko's half-sister on the other side. So I based Ryou's mom on Chasi's appearance somewhat... even if it doesn't really work out perfectly in terms of their looks (Ryuko was going to be black at some point so it might have made more sense then. Read the old comic's commentary for more on that, if I remembered it).

I feel a little bad about this odd joke here with Kimchi making out that Ryou reminds him of Inuyasha. I swear in my head it made way more sense. Once I actually got it down on pixels, it didn't, so Riven makes up for things a little. Not sure why she's looking so upward, though.

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