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Cramming a lot of references into this. Not just a Mitchell and Webb sketch and a Teen Girl Squad cartoon, but Riven's new outfit is chugging a healthy mug of Lucca from Chrono Trigger. I drew up about 7 outfits and ended up combining parts of two of them. You can see some of the unused bits at the clothes store! I considered something more like Chichi's original look in Dragon Ball. Classic outfit, that.

I immediately forgot that Riv's legwarmers have a beneficial curse. That actually could have been useful later on in a few places. Her helmet was a pain to draw consistently, and while I liked it and it suited her, I kept pondering whether to just get rid of it.

And speaking of forgetting, yeah. Mizu never used that magic sarashi, and literally never wore the kind of top that made sense to use it (because apparently it has to be exposed and invoked to function and absorb attacks). But now Riven has that kind of top, so it worked out!

As you can see, anubites live here. I remember wrestling with whether I wanted those to be a thing a few years prior to this. Like generally I don't wanna mix up gods and races. But they work! And look at this callback to WAYYY back before Sasha joined. For once it's not just Kaen that wasn't present.

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