Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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There is a puppy attacking Robin's foot. I just want to point that out. It's not going to be important later or anything. I wasn't originally going to give all the anubites Batman eyes, but nothing else looked right. I don't think it's actually canon since when I do full realistic art of them, I provide normal pupils.

Jesus Riven's helmet looked awkward before I got the hang of it. The little vents on the side were backwards a lot... or maybe that's the right way? It wasn't until a little later that I started thinking about the actual engineering involved in all the little greebles that it's fun to cover tech shit in.

I don't think Riven's powers should actually need there to be that much water in the air... right? And it's not as if this desert is THAT dry. I think she's just super the fuck out of ice mana after that massive attack she pulled off. That's my new retcon.

This alpacaraffe was just a thing I had to draw. I've long been enamored with high-shouldered animals and anything with a loping, lanky run (c'mon, do The Lurch with me!) and I believe I'd been reading or re-reading the webcomic Marry Me and remembered a funny gag about lazy monkeys hitching a ride on a giraffe like Hel is here.

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