Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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As much as I loved finally giving Riven's wrench a new spot to sit always visible instead of hiding in hammerspace, it was kind of awkward every time she sat down. You can also see in a few previous pages how weird it looked at her side, too. That was because of an oversight that I fixed later. A very male oversight. You'll see.

So how about this dusty brown sand? Do I get points here for not making it eye-blindingly yellow? And how'bout this owlman? How often do you ever get to see owlmen in anything? They're pretty obscure mythologically, and a tiny bit redundant with other creatures, but who cares? He got to do Kaepora Gaebora jokes.

Of course I had some trouble with his different shades of gray, and with black appearing atop black and needing a different outline... My cataracts were definitely making this worse than it needed to be.

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