Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I've never been to a desert at night, and I highly doubt their famed chill is anything to a guy like me (or, like, sheep), but it would definitely be too cold for poor Riv. Now you see, here Sasha has conveniently removed her shirt before wolfing out. I must have realized at this point that it doesn't suit her transformation, and just looks really cool.

Hey can you tell I was watching Bakemonogatari while writing this dream sequence? Man I love cozy cute sleep stuff I tell you what. I love it several George Bushels and three Gregory Pecks.

I also love that shaggy baluchitherium. And that giraffestrich. And those two different kinds of terror bird (I think that's a diatryma and a... different... thing). Any excuse I have to draw cool monsters feels good. And how fun is it to actually have them exchanging goods for money for services? C'mon, that's adventure gold.

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