Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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So they just left whatever that place was, with the anubites, and now they're in the city of Wadjet which has a few of those too, but mainly nagas and lizardmen. I've wrestled so hard with whether to include lizardmen in my settings because they seem so generic, so diverse, so weirdly redundant... But they're too dang fun so in they go.

I think I was slightly disappointled that Riven didn't end up in a Chichi-esque outfit, so this lizardgirl here gets to. And look, that alicanto! I'd put that exact one into the comic before, hadn't I? Yep, back in #568. I really, really liked that drawing I guess. It predates Kiwi Day N.

I guess a lot of people are displeased by frank depictions of unattended menstruation. That's weird to me, I mean of all the stuff that can come out of your body it's definitely on the benign side. Certainly better than being actually wounded, right?

Anyway I think Hel's nonchalance is a defining aspect of her character. She didn't know what it was and gave very few fucks, like the way when I was a kid I just had heartburn or ingrown toenail pain or frequent indigestion and I thought that was just what being-alive was. In retrospect, my dad was too hard on me about whining about pain and discomfort.

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