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This is something I wanted to work organically into a story, but Mizu deciding to randomly give a flashback is fine. The timing isn't so fine, though. It doesn't really make sense that this is the first time he has to deal with it, and in fact, I realllly shouldn't have drawn them like they were directly pre-timeskip, because Mizu was pregnant at the time.

But whatever, cute ear rubs and lizards playing basketball. And acknowledgement that I have created a very anachronistic setting where film exists but live theatre also exists and has been mentioned to have gone out of business due to the difficulty in doing porn live, as if film did not exist. Shrugs! Free shrugs.

I definitely recall good feedback on the idea of live costumed kaiju porn and the laissez-faire attitude this town, and by extension the comic, takes with it. It's fun, right?

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