Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I love doing simultaneously dumb and intelligent wordplay like this. The idea that someone is dumb enough to not know claustrophobia, but knows 'colostrum'. Misunderstandings due to partial explanations are fun, too, though they can be a little contrived sometimes. Like in the classic Muppet Show bit where Kermit is like "just don't push me hard" and Beauregard is like "what?" and Kermit only repeats "push me hard!" and Beau pushes him hard. It would have worked better if the hapless janitor said "don't what?"

Not so sure about the split-screen effect on Riven though. Just makes part of her head look absent. I'm also not sure whether Kimchi is sprouting someone's ancient mummified lunch or the contents of their stomach. I have heard of ancient seeds being viable though, even without crazy plant powers. The last panel reminds me that I don't vary up the angles enough, but I start working on that more towards the final stretches of the comic.

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