Kiwi Day N

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I probably should have drawn the mummy wrappings really tiny to make it look even bigger, but then I really REALLY wouldn't have wanted to draw it twice. Naw seriously though that was way lazy even by my standards. Later on I always try putting the effort in to draw the cool monsters a couple times, they deserve it.

Anyway it looks like Riven was doing the same thinking I was about stiffness of zombie meats. It's important stuff. I'm sure necromancers could explain it better. That one game Planescape Torment did such an amazing job putting in lots and lots of flavor text about every possible facet of necromancy.

So you like this evil wazir here? I really tried hard to put some personality into his face. When you're a naga, face is kinda all you've got. Also for a really long time until a little while before this comic was drawn, a disproportionate number of nagas I drew had just regular pointy stripes going down their backs, like Ninjin and Cal have. I wanted to do one with body banding and actually reference a f'real cobra.

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