Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Oh wow, a shot where his hair-spikes are actually facing the viewer directly. That exchange in the first panel is another thing I had written down in advance because I thought it would be clever to use sometime. Most of the time people either ignore a shout of 'wait' or follow it unquestioningly.

I like how his hat is sweating. Jameel is a bit disproportionate there. I never quite got the hang of drawing him OR his weird loinwrap. Anyway the plot here obviously took a lot of inspiration from that avatar-of-Anubis episode of Gargoyles. People get hella tempted by pulling one over on death.

It can be really hard to convince people that it's good to feel bad sometimes when "sometimes" turns into "a lot" isn't it? Now see, a snake tail can certainly go up to one's chin to look thoughtful, that's fine. That's not grabbing an object and holding it aloft.

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