Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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My brain comes up with stupid smart shit like this sometimes. I have straight-up forgotten what Hel is accusing Kaen of. I had a ton of fun drawing Rutima's different expressions here, and her stylish wig falling off.

I worked extra hard on Ryazan's note. When I was her age (er, a year older) I was writing in all caps (and often writing only the first letter of each word to save time, assuming I'd remember what it meant later). I thought it'd be cute if she wrote in all lowercase instead, but I made her letters really angular.

I just thought it was important to let Ryazan check in with her parents at least a little. Soroban could have used some astral projection or someshit, but he's probably quite aware that if he did it once, she'd want him to do it nonstop.

Soroban is also apparently Grunkle Stan now. I like to think that's the relationship he has there. I'm kind of surprised he knows how to cheat at cards without using psychic powers, actually.

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