Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This is the kind of fun you get in Kiwi Day. A menacing minotaur with a mythological moniker and his boss who's just named Angus Allbeef. And they're having a war over a thing I'm sure every mythology fan has thought about.

It turns out centaurs are probably named for being known for STABBING bulls, or being just as good at stabbing as bulls? Or like, they were named after a constellation that got changed later (Iunno which one since there's still both centaur and bull constellations). There's also like, a version where they're named after just a guy who was probably named that for that reason. It's messy.

I really, really hope the Friendship Squad is a reference that works. It's a little vague and I made some of them male and... Basically the idea was what if I stuck to realistic colors, would you still get it without the pastels.

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