Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I really wanted to make some decent combat shots, but I didn't want things to drag on and on and get messy, so I thought this style here might look more artistic than lazy. The monochromicity made it easier to shade, though I never seemed to get a good soft painting brush (I swear it looked smoother, but when I look back at all the old art I ever soft-painted, it looks like this. Really crappy). It's nice action, right? Oh, minotaurs are huge sometimes. I've established that before. Blame the Aladdin series.

It's neat the minotaurs brought siege engines with them, especially to a place with no real proper fortified buildings. This comic really doesn't have enough castles. It's too bad Riven doesn't use more cool tech stuff like this, but it might get messy.

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