Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I should use textures more often. Like I did when I unceremoniously just gave the bug guy a happily ever after. It adds some nice flavor. I dunno, I guess I was experimenting a bit here. I just found out that the labrys isn't a real weapon. I figured the double blades helped the axe balance, but I guess it's just a symbolic thing associated with the Minoans, labyrinths, etc.

I do wonder why wars aren't settled more often by just some kind of agreement. It only occurred to me when this page was mostly done that this could easily have been Robin trying to make peace. Man wemics are just weird, don't even.. like, don't look that shit up. It's very difficult getting the proportions right anyway, I try to stick with horse body proportions and just say there's some horse in there. Don't get me started on hippogryphs with talons.

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