Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Hel in koala mode is adorable, but the real star of panel 2 is Kimchi doing his best stoic French Stewart. Anyway I don't remember getting any feedback that prompted this comic, it's just that since I had fully committed to the couple after some prompting in THAT direction, I didn't want this recurring thing to get annoying. Like Pucca was cute but that got old.

The original plan actually was to match him up with a cute wee vila. Similar lifespans and whatnot. But then Hel busts out several panels of rich, creamery truth here and I TRY to make it seem like Kimchi's reasonable for going back on his reticence.

Then that last bit makes it clear Hel's not going to suddenly change either. Sudden changes are probably not healthy. That panel made it into a very special piece of ancillary art where I tried to apply VHS filters and believable subtitles so it looked like a screenshot.

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