Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Okay, I flat-out forgot to draw Sasha for a while. It happens. Gave me an opportunity to show off one neat use of the Diablopilo: a way to hold onto her shirt in wolf mode. It looked cooler in my head. Waxing gibbous is the best moonphase. Fite me.

The rest of this page is just some fun slice-of-romance shit that I really enjoy and hadn't had any real chances to do up to this point. Nobody else in the comic is really lovey without just being just haha glomp whoopie. And even then that's mostly Loki and NeNe.

I worked hard on the poses, face angles, even some wordplay here. The only awkward bit is Hel seemingly lifting her back up off of the bed in the second head-in-lap shot. She's really getting meta-shippity here, and I wanted to show her clumsily attempting to play a game whose rules she's setting herself.

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