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The kappa thing is one I really like to hammer in though. I'm strongly of the opinion that kappa are cute and herbivorous and the bloodsucking thing is just scapegoatery. The mostly-fantastic and rather unfortunately-titled show OK K.O.! has rekindled this discussion lately and it grinds my buns a bit.

And then yeah for some reason I decided it was time to reveal Sasha's mom's origin story. They look really alike, so it seemed like this might be a not-terribly-contrived way to have her get "recognized" since Marcie never actually goes anywhere. I suppose I named her Marcie because Sasha's original look was kinda Peppermint Patty-ish? I dunno.

There are shades of Tales of Symphonia here, with the mom abandoning her halfbreed kids and ending up kinda mentally fucked, but I think the main thing to take away from this is that if a yellow-eyed wolf mates with a blue-eyed human you get green-eyed kids. That's science you can take to the BANK!

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