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This is how you do holiday comics: days in advance, so maybe it'll still be relevant further in! Or maybe this was for Canadian Thanksgiving, I dunno. Don't ask me. I felt like drawing the whole Loki family anyway, and it was narratively a good reason. They all gotta meet the new old relative.

A mikva is a ritual bath, for you goyim in the audience. You ever hear the one about the combination mikva-ghusl-baptismal pool? They held syncretic swimming! Yo, where's my rimshot? C'mon that was totally original. Boo.

This is like the second or third reference now to hot springs being "installed" and it just makes me smile every time. Really it's great that she has any defining characteristics at all beyond her backstory. I rarely think of those.

All this drama here at the end and I'm just realizing Hel actually set her blanket-on-the-stone-floor bed down pretty dang far from Kimchi. I bet she did one of those long silent moments with nothing but being inside your own head where it just goes on and on and you don't know what to do because it's too quiet and dark. You ever have those? Anytime you have to do something at night and you're not sure.

But it ends up cutely. I think I started actually watching The Nanny reruns for the first time in my life around when I wrote this. You ever watch a show and it's just not really doin' it for ya but you watch anyway, and there's bits here and there that you can't not love? Like clearly at least one of the writers was lightyears ahead of the others. I dunno, it had Moriarty from Star Trek. Oh and Shari Lewis one time.

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