Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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But yeah if the fish wasn't a dead giveaway, they're at Zu Lake again. Portal'd. Oh wait, I said that in the last comic, didn't I? It was in a really small, easy-to-miss block though. You know, drawing in this style over the years, I've found it really hard to depict age in a distinct way, especially trying to draw characters aging, but I think by this point I had gotten the hang of it more or less, except Mako. And Gustav.

That attempt at soft shading to make a gradient for Mako's underwater bits looks kinda okay. Might try that again sometime.

So not only were these two adorable chitlins here based on a drawing I did a long-ass time ago, as a sort of half-hearted attempt to invent a franchise by just doing two drawings and pretending the rest, but in fact that last panel is a direct copy of one of those drawings. If you think of it more like a "pitch" it seems more legit!

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