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Sometime after writing this, I found out that cake donuts are fried too, usually. They just... don't seem like it. They seem baked. Because they're shite. I mean okay they're fine but they're nothing compared to yeast-risen donuts.

Really chemical leavening is to yeast as baking is to frying in so many ways, not the least of which is how much work it requires in the kitchen. Actually maybe I knew that was a mistake even at the time, because I mentioned mistakes under the panel... Y'know what, let's say that's the white in the middle of the donut. And if not, then let's say that's icing. Great, now I want to go look at Cake Wrecks for hours. You ever go to that site? Laugh your ass off you will.

Is that... is that purple blotch supposed to be Mizuumi's reflection? Is that yellow blotch a reflection of the boardwalk? Cripes. Anyway this comic has had a strange history of weird hydralike creatures, often talking, and just once I wanted to flat-out put in Orochi. And then I did a YouTube multitrack acapella gag, because dammit those are amazing and I wish I'd gotten into them back before the market was flooded. I would have been a hit! Plus I would have kept at it longer than the others, who have, by this time, largely fizzled out.

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