Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Lots of tail whips lately, with varying amounts of good-drawing-ness to them, so I thought I'd just do a hitbox joke. I fucking hate hitboxes and canned animations, even if I understand why that's how most games are programmed. At this point, even though I was using a larger canvas, I still had a tendency to keep everything really zoomed in. The new, more detailed character models were probably part of that.

Finally the Oppai Kage gets a proper use. I drew the dots a bit differently from time to time, and never quite achieved Kirby Dots status. I feel for Mikva here. We've all broken something important and then pushed it out of our minds, telling ourselves it can't be that important, right? Then you find out oh that was the metal plate they put in to protect the pipes or wires or whatever and maybe you shouldn't have drilled there.

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