Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Yeahh Fenrir is definitely a little too big here. Meh. His grampa is huge, it's fine. Felt like exploring some thoughts I have a lot about a lot of characters here. For narrative purposes, number-of-kids tends to stay small. As does number-of-parents, actually. And come to think of it, the conflict between dog and cat compatibility also explains Hel's trouble with the Kirakinshou. Catomic particles and all that, like they said before.

I had such solid goings-aways feelings to convey here. The idea that sometimes some people just wander off, especially animals. The first ever long-term pet I had did that one day shortly before we moved, as if sensing it. Not sure if it topped the jokes when Honeybee left, but I was in that vein for sure.

And... yeah. This was some timing. I'd just had to put down the cat I'd had for the longest time ever. 16 years that fucker made it. He was a good kitty. Webcomics are a great way to work through feelings and shit! Try it yourself.

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