Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Urban exploration is a weird amount of fun when it's done right. Awww yeah. Feels so neat when a place is crowded and deserted at the same time. When a place is obvious and right out in view, but hidden because people pass it every day and there's a million other buildings.

It is kind of odd that the garudans live in these kinds of buildings, though. Back then all I ever drew was a bunch of rectangles with horizontal slats. Since it's not their original home, that makes sense, but not if they built this place. Maybe they only claim they did that.

Gargoyles aren't used nearly often enough in things. It is really hard to top the Disney treatment, of course, but there's plenty a fantasy setting can do, especially one as animetastic as this. Like how could a gargoyle not have an oral water gun?

I had a lot of variations of that apologies pun, and I think I end up using one other one later on. Isn't it fun thinking about the relationships between creatures with different lifestyles like this? I think the knowledge that birds as a whole, aside from owls, are obligatory diurnal due to their eyesight, is something I had only learned quite recently. Like I think Skyward Sword taught me that.

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