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Awww dem chibi heads. Dem chibi heads. What's weird is, back in the old comic, I mentally made all garudans white or off-white. Maybe light blue, some form of gray, whatever. There's zero reason they should be, and now that the comic's in color I'm definitely trying to think of actual bird colors.

And speaking of color, I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to draw the pretty sparkly Gagara Caverns complete with its sand flows just because of a simple thing like continuity! And speaking of that, Mizu gets a new outfit and hairstyle that I like a lot better.

By this point my love affair with Legend of Korra had been dashed against the rocks, so I just gave her an original outfit for once. Traces of her previous stuff, but not a Trunks suit this time. I would still keep the time-traveling swordsman in mind for future Mizuumi variant outfits, as the ever-expanding Dragon Ball universe would give him new outfits, but never again would I actually LIKE anything he was wearing. Jesus, that one fur-collared coat...

Mizu's still wearing her same overshirt by the way, only now it's an undershirt! Kaen has clearly learned his lesson about inadvertently inconveniencing Soroban via unwitting entitlement, so I'm thinking in the time he spent here, they got to know each other better. Better enough that he's also afraid of looking like an idiot. But clearly Soroban learned a little about him, too, as we see much later on...

I don't know if this bottom scene is really worth being its own little epilogue, but I do know that Ryazan's outfit is awful and it will never appear again.

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