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If there's one thing I refuse to apologize for, it's depicting burrowing as if all the ground is basically cottage cheese and rock is... some kind of harder cheese. Way too much fun. Realism sucks. That said, Digger is a great comic and you need to read it. Put this down and read a real webcomic. I'll be here when you're done.

Of course it's always unhealthy to eat a wild pig since they're so likely to be horribly diseased, but... eh. For the record, a molgalt has a symbiotic relationship with its shrooms, they aren't controlling it. They DO have a variety of effects on other animals.

Of all the influences on my humor, the one that took the longest for me to get good enough at it to comfortably actually use it is the Archer (and kinda Venture Bros too) thing where you call someone a pun kind of name that describes them. I mean Simpsons started it, but it wasn't funny when they did it, because it was in the crummy era. Most of the time they even made a joke about how funny it's not.

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