Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This is a very special episode. I was being really harangued by the webcomics thread about not using any shading, so I wanted to do it at least once. Just to show I could, and also to show myself how it would look. I tell you what though, it wasn't easy.

I'm a lot better at it now, but it's still tricky as balls to "bluen" a bunch of colors. Most of the time it acts like you put a crappy literal filter over it, so everything simply gets duller (by definition all the light is decreased). What you really want is to shift WHICH light frequencies are being displayed. For skin, it's better if you redden it a bit. Adding light for the highlights is strangely much easier. I don't think I did this quite right for a lot of colors, but it was a major step.

Plus on top of that it's a fun comic! A pupper like Sasha is exactly the kind of bitch who would want to check on the pecking order. And then we get the epilogue nobody expected!

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