Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This is an educational webcomic. If you find yourself spontaneously naked out at night, find a werewolf to snuggle. It won't work in the morning. The More You Know.

In this page, I consciously realized the characters should be really saturated and slightly yellow-lit when in sunlight, but since they already mostly overly bright, and since that shading thing was a one-time experiment I did not want to spend that much time on all the time, I just left it. The difference is I was AWARE of it for the first time.

Never thought we'd be back in this area or finding out the origin of that item, did ya? Yeah man. Sometimes it's nice making up more of a "video game monster" instead of a proper bestiary denizen. I don't think that motion panel really works very well though, I used to know how it worked in Photoshop making a streak-type blur, but here I had forgotten I guess.

I was so happy to redesign Mifune and make him finally unironically cool. I was binging the Sailormoon dub at the time, and maybe Sailormoon Abridged? So I really felt like cracking an old-as-fuck joke. This comic shall never lose its 00s roots, I promise.

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