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Fortunately, Mizu does not want to visit her folks. By which I mean I didn't want her to. I do have the greatest respect for parenty and grampysorts in general, which is what these characters were all about! Olds have such an important role in fantasy, and someday I really want to do some kind of story about a bunch of old geezers accompanying a young hero on his journey, riding around in a caravan, having fantasy Oregon Trail adventures.

In panel 3, Robin's face clearly shows where I was trying to experiment with reducing the lower-face area to achieve that fun 80s look. I eventually decided that it's right for some characters, but not others, and I should mostly reserve it for wee kids.

So I like bumblebears a lot. I think I had decided that those spider-bears I invented are my synonym for "bugbears" but these could have worked too. Sometimes I just do that, and decide I don't need to decide what an existing thing is in my mythos.

Dungeontown doesn't seem too contrived, does it? I mean I did establish Lock Town and Pickville in the old comic, so placing this in their neck of the woods helps. The pot leaf spider is a highly-desired pet, as it keeps your plants clean of aphids.

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