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I had Sasha's line in panel 1 written down for a while but it was hard to think of what young character would ask her about the fangs. It was just totally "something she should say because it's something she would say" y'know?

I imagine Hel quit underwear after her period started. Like it was just too much hassle. I dunno what her mom did, since we know NeNe wore her trademark white pantsu. Probably a lot of laundry that we didn't see.

Now look, I put this perspective in with this house, and I still made it look way too small! I get half points there at best. The bags of shit hanging from the ceiling are the result of a suggestion I got when I complained of not being able to think of what fills a room and trying to make fewer fucking blank void box interiors. "Bags hanging from the ceiling" were apparently a thing in olden times.

The stocky cyclops was inspired by the idea that cyclopes might be themselves inspired by elephant skulls, so I thought what if you dug up the whole elephant and tried to make it a man, what would its proportions be like. Of course people who live where elephants die ought to know what elephant bones look like, but... Dude I have no idea what the tagline is talking about here. Like "neigh-bore"? Like he's a neighbor? I don't...

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