Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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For some reason, I thought lightening the different Kaens would make them look faded, implying movement. Obviously should've made them transparentish or something. I wonder what kind of practice got Kaen this good at directing a reflected laser with only his hips.

This spider web looks a little messy. Tsuchigumo are trapdoor spiders, so I guess it should look like messy masses of sheet webbing, but this... looks like paint scribbles done after everything else was drawn.

So yeah, two more attempts at foreshortening here. Kind of awkward and obviously deliberate. The funny thing here is the first time they met some tsuchigumo, they totally went out and knitted them hammocks (or sent spiders on their behalf with their spider-summoning power, I forget and/or didn't say for sure which it was). And it was established that they have a bad rep they're trying to work on. This must've been a solid blow for the poor girl.

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