Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This comic will always fill me with the warm feelins because Isto of Mountain Time featured the third panel on his front page as an example of something he likes. For a long time, I wanted to include boobries in the comic somewhere, but I forgot what they were and thought they were this one other bird with a stupidly long beak, so I kept being like "nah don't put those in." then I looked it up. It's a relatively badass bird. But see, since it's a boobrie, its name is... yeah.

I don't like when everything smells wormy after rain. Fuck petrichor. These girls are clearly Jay and Silent Bob, which means by extension they're my sister and her friend who are the rule 63 version of those two. I think I got the characterization down pretty well, but those two were living it. Not sure why I made the quiet one Cockney and/or Manc, but I did.

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