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Riven's belt became two belts (honestly I did not notice when that happened, I was going to mention it in the commentary) because I realized that the wrench doesn't sit right on a woman's hips when it's up at the waist-waist. It has to be out on the hips.

I did write a note to myself to someday explain how the inventory system worked, but by this point the comic was incredibly old and it would have been weird to only just then explain it, so nahhh that's staying in the realm of gaggery.

I used to confuse baldrics and bandoliers all the time. It's all Cyclops's fault. Man, how did people ever put out fires before watertowers? Even to this very day, that trope is still totally a thing. It's persistent is what it is.

Kaen's mistake here is what happens when I write puns when my brain's only half-fueled. Ants also have cliché cartoon behavior, so it's easy to wrongly autocomplete.

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