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This is more of a character that could have appeared in like Kid Radd or something. It's amazing how completely on the same page WayForward was that I don't remember how much Shantae inspired me or just fit in with how I was already genie-ing it up. I mean we all watched and loved Barbara Eden, so...

Upon rereading this all, I hope this other set of game-cheating gags doesn't come too hot on the heels of the last one, with Lithgow the gargoyle smashing through floors and just calling it noclip, or wall-crawling and calling it seamwalking.

I actually wanted, at some point, someone to be able to do things like this as genuine reality-exploiting magic rather than inherent magic. It would make a good story on its own, really. It's similar to a lot of old scifi crap, like space between molecules and all that. This all just comes off contrived, but whatever. It was a setup for a way better gag

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