Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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You have to love those little notes made to myself so I'd know where these areas go on the map. I mean I figured someone in the audience might be following along too, but it's mostly for me. Here the time-skip thing is pretty explicitly Futurama-ish; it's just such a fun concept. Like we all think we know what we ourselves would do even if we lost our memory. I know I try to find lost things by asking myself where I'd put them.

Why are all kunoichi named Aya? Is it a thing like butlers being Sebastian because of Cabot? Not being able to find a forest is kind of funny since y'know, Fushigi Mori is invisible, but there are clearly plenty of other forests in this area. I think the idea is they couldn't find an EMPTY one that they could then hide in.

So I had a lot of fun drawing kunoichi outfits here, it was almost a shame to nude them up for this odd plot. I really rushed through their introduction, like there isn't even a name given for their clan or anything.

I had a hell of a time drawing all the weird pit-side houses though. This is why people don't live in pits, no matter how well they might kind of hide you. It's weird they didn't even try to plant some trees or something, just for decoration.

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