Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I want to say this is the most map that ever appeared in the actual comic. I think there was more in the old comic but it was super simplified and not actually all that distinctly accurate. This is definitely the first time there was any coloring of the map, and it was enough work thinking it out that I definitely don't want to ever color the whole map.

I eyedropped color from a bunch of old episodes for consistency. Like who gives a fuck? I don't even have that many fucks to give, because I gave them all. Very few fucks left in reserve.

But yeah at least now we have a name for the village hidden among cherry trees, previously the village hidden in a hole. Did anyone expect the captain of the merpirates to be Long John Silver or something? Bah! I'm not that unoriginal. I just... had played the new Shantae and wanted to homage Risky Boots is all. Don't ask me how the cannon pauldrons actually fit on her shoulders and actually move.

Is this the first webcomic to ever feature a hwacha? Definitely the first to have one operated by a bunch of kunoichi all named Aya. I guarantee it. Hwacha are badass. I like how the undeniably cool aspidochelone (which I worked hard to fold into my mythos in a way that looks cool and makes sense) is totally overshadowed by some adorable seapets I just randomly invented as a pun.

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