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Wee bit o' portmanteau overdose here. No... not portmanteauverdose. Nope. Hey am I the only one that really hates it when people call it Tourette's? It's only possessive if you're the one who first got the disease, not the discoverer. I guess the rule isn't that solid and hard and it's certainly not universal, but c'mon. The worst is when people don't know plantar is an adjective, and think it's the brand name Planter's.

Shit, that net is so almost drawn well. Just for some reason it has a bunch of disconnects (Haha, disco necks! Remember that?). I used to live in abject fear of having to draw a net. Now yeah, when it covers the merpirates, I did cheap out, but c'mon would you cover those sweet fishbaps?

Sometimes I like it when the rampant monster-featuring this comic gets up to actually serves an educational purpose! At least educating people about different monsters. Piyo is totally the sound a seagull makes, whether or not it's crossed with a snake and a lobster.

Come to think of it, an ATLANTIC lobster. Japanese lobsters don't have pincers. Is amikiri supposed to be part crab instead? Have I been fucking this up all along? Wouldn't be the first time.

At least one person thought Sasha looked cute like this. I really can't disagree, but werewolves have an excuse for being like saiya-jin and never having different hairstyles. Always bugs me when people don't think of that, and their werewolves transform back and their hair's suddenly all carefully cut like it was before.

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