Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Does anyone even remember the epic pirate vs ninja battles? I mean, I don't. What even was it, just like, internet jokes? Did people draw things? Anyway I probably could have left Sasha's hair like that for a little while, but I'd probably have just forgotten.

I don't know why I think 'thefter' is so funny, but I does. The peg-armed mermaid is amusing me tremendously right now. This whole comic is just like a note I wrote to future me to laugh later.

It only occurred to me a lot later on, after depicting all kinds of transforming-with-ease folk like nagas and such, that the ability to turn human should be inconsistent, with only some being able to, some taking a long time, etc. Not just universal. You can blame Xanth's influence. It made more sense there because of rampant fucking magic everywhere.

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