Kiwi Day N

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I am genuinely disappoint there was no fun ruined laboratory exploration here. Everyone loves a spooky creepy ancient lab. It occurs to me that I've never drawn anyone's clothes darker when wet. Shit. Even the Gamecube could handle that.

So this was a thing I wanted to do for ages, and I THINK they had never properly encountered a unicorn before. They have such hype built up, I wanted to make it clear they're just animals, man. Not even unusual animals, it's not strange to have your horns twisted together into one.

Then some hilarious virginity jokes! I made a reference to the old comic to point out just how utterly squeaky clean Kiwi Day has become over the years. It's mostly just because as a teenager I thought that shit was funny, and now I think about character development and crud like that. All in all, those unicorns have kinda short necks. I have to remember that unless it's a moose or a giraffe or something, every ungulate needs to reach its head down to ground level to graze.

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