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The problem with pages like this is that the art has to be really spot-on or what would otherwise be a celebration of the human form becomes just a laughable mess. I think I did a mostly-alright job, but it would have been helped tremendously by the use of some other angles.

I'm still not good at angles. Maybe it's just kind of weirdlooking to have ken-doll groins while getting a hamstring massage. There are times when scenery-censors look better, I suppose.

Robin is channeling Yotsuba pretty hard with the leg-pinching. It's nice to see some kind of skinship other than the big-spoon chest-fondle cliché. Man, not only is this spa kinda empty, but the tubs are stupidly far-apart.

There's even kind of a callback to when Hel was going to massage Riven's tail. Tails logically would get kinda sore, right? I mean I guess most animals don't like their tails touched much, but it's basically spine, and spines totally get sore and need rubbing. Then again, Riven's bones are pretty soft and cartilaginous... I'm surprised I never worked that into an episode where she showed unusual resilience to impact.

Haha, wolf claws getting pedicured. Can you even imagine? Uh, Pie Pan is a weird pun on paipan, which doesn't really suit the occasion. I guess because modern spas often rip people's hair out?

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