Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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When your girlfriend's aunt comments on your 'lationship, that's a tiny bit embarrassing. I assume. I'm not sure why they all left the spa and waited outside, but I guess they brought the others' clothes with them.

Hey can we talk for a second about the title color? I'm sure I commented on it before, how I changed it every 100 comics, but man, grey? I had seriously run out of palettes by this point and didn't expect Kiwi Day N to have gone this long. Not by a longshot. I probably should have gone with greyish blue.

I adore that Lewd Food logo. Does anyone even say 'busted ravioli' anymore? Hey look, you can see Redio Tower in the background. I'm glad I kept the color-shifting theme of Robin's magic for a while.

I Ko Lai is such a weak gag, just that a masseuse didn't wash her hands and her name sounds like E. Coli? I deserve a gong there. Also I hope you appreciate the essential gag of panel 4 (and its swift defusal), because I feel like nowadays I wouldn't even be able to comfortably joke about that. It's always easier to joke on a topic when you feel mildly uncomfortable vs depressingly backed into a corner.

Gags about massages resulting in chi blocking, however, are the kind of shit I always like talking about. And nerdy discussions comparing different magic systems. As long as they're based on broad folklore and not someone's individual fiction, that shit puts me to sleep.

As it is, I didn't discuss here at all whether fairies produce mana or simply collect it from the environment. I think one of the biggest confusions in the systems is (and this really speaks to the different cultures' ideas of supernatural shit too) that chi seems to be a lot more universal (like you can just do enough pushups and maybe an umbrella can come to life), whereas having magic and being magical in a fairy-type sense seems more restricted. Only some creatures are magical, only some people can use it, etc. Still, I love knitting together the similarities into something workable.

I think this poor little geisha really didn't think about her plan very hard, and that makes it darling. She was just going to walk up to them, wait for them to notice they were powerless, and mug seven people.

Also don't expect me to remember to continue to draw extra grass growing under Hel's feet. Let's face it, people stop doing things for each other as relationships go on. That's not a decrease in love, it's just the way doing-things works when you do the same things for a long time. Plus she already has the protection-charm foot-wraps.

The anklet, on the other hand (heh), I worked really hard to remember. Wrote myself notes, re-checked the scene where she got it to keep it on the right ankle, I didn't want a repeat of past inconsistencies.

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