Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Fuck, look at those shapely leaves. I think at this point I was more than ever trying to consider how the veins would look in 3D. It wasn't til later that I ever tried to draw the leaves with any kind of folded edges, though.

Fuck, there's an unusually glaring error on this page. You won't see it, but Sasha's neck was gray in panel 4. Anyway, the bearsharktopus was a fun collaborative internet thing where people just kept photoshopping more onto this nasty beast, so I continued it in my own special way, adding the last missing piece for what makes it absolutely perfect. Prove me wrong!

I also added nasty claws into the suckers because crossbreeds usually exhibit parts affected by other parts. There are squids with horrible swivel blade things inside their suckers. Redcrust is a kind of extra-unnecessary crustacean I made up back when I was making up kinda dumb monsters, so I gave it some polish and now it's kinda great!

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