Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Ningyo are another thing I had to really play with before I was comfortable rolling them into my mythos. A lot of that stuff gets messy and overlaps with other things. But they're so cute!

Something about the hardness of the brushed lines makes Mizu's water vortex look a lot nicer than that shitty spider web a little while back. I'm not sure why this city is called 'third paradise' but maybe it was something else and I've forgotten.

Either way it looks a lot better than the area around Neptune's palace in the old comic. I don't think I even established what that place was called collectively. There's something really nice about bone-white mixed with transparent orange. There were a bunch of special limited-edition Zoids cast in those colors and they were just the best.

I'm really extra proud of the fact that after Mizu makes such a weak 'porpoise/purpose' pun, she hits one of the best and nerdiest puns ever out of the park a few panels down. Robin's random urge to bond with Kaen is kind of a joke to myself because I kept writing down that the characters need to acknowledge their familial bonds and have some kind of appropriate interaction, but at a certain point I think I gave up. Robin's last line is another thing I'd written down to use. Like how weirdly specific do people get about things they won't accept, right?

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