Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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For a while I felt bad about how neutered N feels compared to the original Kiwi Day, so it feels good once in a while to just have the party cheat to win a contest, eat the rest of the entries, and bugger off in stolen boats. This guy does kinda deserve it, but random lady in purple doesn't. Did they knock her out? Is she some kind of spoon-nun?

I didn't draw this candy super well, it's supposed to look like donpachi. The main motivation in having them go into a crazy world was so I could use up some more puns. I was really trying to wrap the comic up during the entirety of the post-timeskip period, and I had just so many stupid jokes to use up.

Obvious visual inspirations here include Moonside from Mother 2, but I think I was reminded of it by a bit of West Tree using bright lines on black, which itself obviously calls to mind Virtual Boy, ZX Spectrum games, and (mostly I think) Undertale. Which was all Motheresque anyway so it all works.

Then I realized the pure black looked kinda messy, so I filled some of the shapes in with dark colors. I'm not sure if that really worked. For that matter, a lot of the characters rely on the color black being where it normally is to look right, so there's some odd effects.

I'm not sure if the pterosaur swooping was recognizable... and I'm not sure if anyone else laughs when I speak French. I should probably stop.

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