Kiwi Day N

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The plethora of puns and references doesn't end just because I'm thinking hard about timetravel continuity shit, though! On top of that, I had a ton of fun writing these two old codgers. I have a note written down to have conflicts between different prophecies, and while this doesn't really fulfill that, it's in the vein.

I've drawn lots of shojo before, but not an elderly one. With their lifespans and their legendary alcohol intake preserving them, that makes Oba-nana REALLY old. I had a hell of a time drawing her kelp shawl and making her look shaky and skinny. I did a pretty good job in SOME panels.

On the other hand, I hadn't put an octoman in the comic yet, having taken a while to nail them down as a race I approved of. Drawing him in the tank was a lot of work, but I think it worked a lot better. Also his name is Sigmund because remember the sea monster? Good ol Kroft Bros.

Leave it to Riven to ask the tough questions. In addition to her previous eye spacing issue, she seems to be missing her eyelashes in this shot. That is probably because I sketched out a generic face and decided who it was later, even though that's obviously Riven's line. It's my confidence in choosing that makes me not worry about that in the preliminary stages.

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