Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Honestly it's weird Riven puts up with Earth temperatures at all. And her mom, I mean, shit... Like I had her complain a few times but she should have been suffering to the point of insisting they move to somewhere more equatorial.

I definitely referenced viking halls so this building would look cool. Inside, though, some trouble as usual. Tried thinking about malls. I like malls. I don't think making the otherwise-kinda-Native-American-slash-Ainu-themed yukijin here hippies was a deliberate attempt at making it seem as if this really was in the past, I think I just wanted to draw some hippie ones.

I did have written down that they should have funny interactions when asking authorities for quests. Robin's having fun. And this chieftain has an amazing helmet. Those two blondes who appear in two panels here (and make a few more appearances in this arc) are cameo appearances by Skeggöld and Skalmöld from Carrion Girls. It's a good comic and you should check it out.

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